Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Meet Roxie

Lot’s of family stuff going on right now so I will keep to something simple. Roxie is the newest four legged member of our house. I know almost nothing about this dog other than she needed a home. Her young master, not a very responsible jerk, needed to leave town and had supposedly set up a way to have this dog shipped via the airlines to a friend in Wyoming. That just isn’t happening and so we gave the dog a trial membership to see how she would fit in with the family. She is non aggressive, a major plus, at least not with our other Puppy, Missy. The cats don’t trust her, not one bit; can’t say as I blame them. Both dogs get along in the evening when we take them for a walk around the neighborhood. My guess is that she has recently littered pups; again, I have no information to go on. The next step is a trip to the Vet to start down the road to making her legal; shots, worming and license. Posted by Hello

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