Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to Work

The doctors gave me the go ahead last week to “ease back” into work as long as I recognized that my body was still doing some serious healing. I cheated and did a couple of simple jobs on the Friday before I was to start back and was so happy to be doing what I enjoy most, locksmith work. I’d explained to Lucy that I planned to get my haircut that day and she wondered why I needed my work truck as I passed her on the way to the second “simple” lock job. I was caught dead to rights as she buzzed my cell phone wondering aloud where I was going since it wasn’t near the barber shop.

Last week I did two days worth of business on Monday, three days worth on Tuesday and finished the week feeling pretty good about filling in some of the dents made to my budget. July was a total disaster and thank goodness we’d planned ahead for the rainy days.

Today we were reminded that August in Houston can be dangerous for folks who work outside; temperatures touching the triple digit mark. I might not have the “ease back into work” figured out, at least not the way a sane person would implement the doctor’s instructions. I did three days worth of business today, much of it very labor intensive, while the heat index made it feel like it was 110. I soaked a towel with water and used it to cover my pointed head, held in place with the magnifying head gear I use while cutting keys. I kept a drying towel to wipe the beads of sweat out of my eyes and drank lots of water as I moved from car to car restoring lost keys. I did four in a row at one dealership, a tidy sum since two were programmable and one had lots of repair work in one door that had been abused badly. I did three difficult cars at the next dealership, again the totals looked good; maybe that’s what Lucy will have engraved on my headstone, “The totals looked good…”

I haven’t had much energy left to write articles at the end of the day, this evening I’m so tired I can’t sleep; a strange way to put the fact that I went to bed and couldn’t relax. I figure that shower I took when I got home took away some of the exhaustion and fooled me into thinking I wasn’t really all that worn out. Glad to be back working, gosh but I missed that part of my life last month.

The picture was taken a couple of years back, before I shaved off my beard; but this is where I do most of my work, the back of my service truck. Where ever my truck is, that’s where my business is. Some folks think I drive a Dodge Dakota, actually I have a Snap-On Tool Box with a 318 motor.

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