Friday, August 03, 2007

Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play…

You may have noticed; I’m beginning to feel a little more like my old self. I stayed up late last night to watch the Astros eventually win a game from the Braves. It only took fourteen innings; but it was worth waiting for.

Our pitching staff may not be able to keep the other team from scoring; at least they can get a pinch hit now and then. Our starting pitchers have been less than effective; pardon me while I stop laughing, “Ooooo hhhaaaaa, hhaaaaa, hoooooo!” I keep waiting for my phone to ring, wondering if I might be able to fill in for any one of these failing athletes.

Jason Jennings might not be able to get anyone out; at least he knows how to use a bat. He delivered a pinch single with two outs in the top of the 14th to put the go ahead run, and this time our relief staff was able to hold the lead and put a W in the books. That’s more that can be said about our “closer” who gave away a two run lead in the 12th inning.

I better wrap this up, I think my phone is about to ring and I need to be ready. The way I figure, for those who’ve never met me; I’ll be the only pitcher in the league who uses a walking cane to get to the mound. I couldn’t do much worse than the ones the Astros have right now; unfortunately the trade deadline has passed and I won’t be available for post season games, “Ooooo hhhaaaaa, hhaaaaa, hoooooo!” Wait till next year!

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