Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Santa is on Vacation

This past weekend Lucy, Bonnie, Jennifer and the grandkids attended the wedding of a good friend’s daughter. Several folks from church were there, many whom we’d known over the years, now in different areas of the city and so it was like a reunion as well.

Our grandson JJ went about learning basic social graces, shaking hands and smiling for strangers; that is until he met one particular “stranger”. It was one of those magical events that happen every now and again, one that simple is too good not too share.

“Didn’t I meet you last Christmas?” JJ asked the rotund man dressed in his best goin’ to church Sunday suit. Our friend paused, looking down at the serious young man, his head cocked to one side and quite certain that he was talking with Santa.

“Yes, but you mustn’t tell anyone else; I’m on vacation.” Dick Webster held his finger to his lips in such a way as to sell the image handed down over the years; Thomas Nast’s classic Santa Claus was standing in the crowd at a wedding reception talking with my grandson, JJ.

“Why don’t you have your red suit on?” JJ pressed for more.

“If I wore that everyone would know who I was and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my vacation.”

“Then how will all the toys get made if you’re on vacation?” JJ changed to something more important.

“That’s being taken care of, I’m more into management and let the elves do most of the work anyway.” The conversation was about over as Santa reminded JJ to keep this under his hat. JJ nodded reverently and with sincerity of heart retreated to the company of family. Lucy and Bonnie had observed the entire episode, holding in their enjoyment of the moment.

“Do you know who that is?”

“Yes, but I promised not to tell.”

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