Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Something new for my Sidebar

I was visiting some new sites yesterday and found a neat visual link on Lords of the Manor’s sidebar, one which takes an interested individual to a short introductory infomercial for my Church. Jennifer, the lady who runs the “Manor” was kind enough to send me the HTML script to add to my template. I sent her a quick Thank You note and will have to visit her blog more often now that I’ve found it.

I’m holding my pocket watch in front of your eyes, the pendulum motion of the shiny orb dancing back and forth is causing your eye lids to relax as if you were going to sleep. I’m counting to three, you want to click on the new link provided, one; you’re drifting off to sleep now as you continue to fall deeper, “I always wanted to know more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”, two; you are now completely relaxed and have no reason not to enjoy a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the world, three. Click on the link, “The Truth About Life’s Great Questions is Now Restored”, the information will cost you nothing and you might learn something. Oh, I almost forgot, make sure to leave a short comment; I’ll know my efforts as a hypnotist are working this way.

I’m going to count to three once more and you will wake up refreshed and enlightened, one; you’re saying to yourself, “That was about as non-threatening a link as I’ve ever visited”, two; you’re nearly awake now and want to know more about how the missionaries can come by your house and drop off your free Book of Mormon, three; now wasn’t that a neat way to spend a few minutes?

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