Friday, August 03, 2007

That Plastic Bottle May not be Harmless

This is just as serious, maybe more than a bridge collapse; just not as mind numbing since the damages can’t be exploited with digital photographs. For years I’ve been listening to my wife’s warnings not to “nuke” stuff in the microwave unless it was in a ceramic container because there was some kind of nasty chemical that might be released from a plastic container.

Turns out that there are other dangers associated with plastic containers ; dangers that go way beyond microwave issues. It seems that, “Bisphenol A is used in all polycarbonate plastic baby bottles, as well as large water cooler containers, sports bottles and microwave oven dishes, along with canned food liners and some dental sealants for children. Some scientists say it likely causes reproductive disorders in people.”

{. . .}

“The scientists' statement and new study intensify a highly contentious debate over whether the plastic compound poses a public threat. So far no governmental agency here or abroad has restricted its use.”

This might sound ever so simple; but isn’t there a similar product called “glass”, one that hold liquids and is easily molded into bottles that doesn’t pose a health risk from chemicals? I recognize that such an antiquated form of bottling might cost a little more; but isn’t the public health issue worth a few pennies extra? Let’s see how long it takes a clever marketing director; Coke, Dr Pepper, or some similar product, to stage a media blitz and capitalize on the Bisphenol A issue. The clock is running…

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