Monday, August 27, 2007

Like Finding an Old Friend

I had a chance to enjoy Sirius Radio this past weekend while visiting my folks on a short two day “drop by and scoot”. It’s only a little over an hour trip and a good way to relax after being strapped into the coach section of an airplane. I picked up my rental car at the West Palm Beach Airport and didn’t even notice it had the fancy satellite hook up until I was half way to Vero Beach, when the local station I’d been tuned into started to fade.

I looked at the options on the radio, something I hadn’t paid much attention to while I was figuring out where the important stuff was; A/C, mirror activators, seat positioning and cruise controls. I turned the dial until it started playing music I liked, mostly tunes from the late 60’s and 70’s; that got me to my folk’s house and I left it alone until this morning, very early this morning, when I headed back for my flight to Houston.

I took to the road at 3am, hugged my folks and waved good bye in their circular driveway. The nice part about driving at that time of night is how empty the roads are; nearly had the 10 miles, give or take, to I-95 all to myself. The highway down to West Palm had a few cars and the rest were mostly truckers as I cranked up the volume on the satellite radio channels.

As I was passing St. Lucie I heard a tune I’d almost forgotten existed; one too good to leave in the past, Washington Square by the Village Stompers. I recognized the clear notes jumping from a banjo and immediately turned it up a few extra notches as the Dixieland Jazz band filtered in, almost imperceptibly at first and then ratcheting it into full gear. The piece ends with the solo banjo carrying the tune, each note hammering the singularly electric tune home. I knew that the iTune store was about to make some more money. I can see how listening to the satellite radio might get expensive; but, running into old friends like that is worth it.

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