Friday, August 17, 2007

Priority Mail Takes on a New Meaning

There are always going to be some folks who’re going to take advantage of a situation and turn a profit; sometimes legally, others not so legally. Take the company in South Carolina that bilked the Pentagon out of over $20 Million dollars in fraudulent shipping costs for things like washers and screws sent “priority” in order to get to troops in combat areas.

“C&D and two of its officials were barred in December from receiving federal contracts. Today, a federal judge in Columbia, South Carolina, accepted the guilty plea of the company and one sister, Charlene Corley, to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to launder money, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin McDonald said.”

Apparently there was no oversight for payments made to military contractors, none at all. The only reason C&D got caught was a fluke audit. Sounds like the folks paying the bills at the Pentagon must have lived on one of those atolls in the Pacific; you may have heard of this one, the No Sense At All.

I wonder if the military needs any key blanks; and I won’t mind waiting in line at the post office to request “priority mailing”. It will be neat riding around in my new executive helicopter as I make service calls; and you thought transponder keys were expensive…

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