Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nice Matters Award

Tigersue thinks I’m a nice guy for some reason and it seems there’s an award in the blogging community called the "Nice Matters Award", a little bit like the Thinking Blogger or the Nobel Peace Prize; but without the fancy trip to Europe or the million bucks. I commented that she must not have seen me driving; my Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde routine.

I’m supposed to nominate seven bloggers who come across as nice folks, ready to support and make the day go a little better. The limit of seven might not be fair seeing as how I’m the recipient of so many blessings through my associations in the blogosphere.

I’ll admit right off that the award, as pictured on
Tigersue’s Jungle ; how do I put this without… Let’s just say it looks a bit too cutsey-squeezy-huggy for the macho minded among us. Perhaps there could be a similar award for those of us who’d prefer to be simply “Okay Sort of Person”, an average “Joe” standing up for what he believes without being too pretentious or stepping on too many toes while going about life everyday; someone out of a Norman Rockwell painting would do just fine.

Okay, here’re seven off the top of my head, folks who should be considered for the “Nice Matters Award”, or the “Okay Sort of Person Award”

Zane over at Big White Hat

Mike at Mover Mikes

Mary of By Study and Also By Faith

Eugene the Teflonman

Jahn who has De’ fliengde Vuoglann’r

Al at Old Whig’s Brain Dump

Dana of Principled Discovery

I’m leaving off quite a few folks who I know should also be on this list, Ron from Starsplash, Probligo, DL, The Mary Hunter and so many others. Know this, I have so many friends in the blogosphere, folks who buoy me up when I need a pick me up and a kind word now and then does wonders for my soul. Thank you all.

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