Thursday, August 30, 2007

I’ll Have a What-a-Burger and Hold the Lettuce

A friend of mine was having lunch at the local What-a-Burger the other day when the police showed up in mass. It turned out that one of the other customers had tried to pass a counterfeit $100 bill when he placed his order. The cashier wouldn’t accept the bill and so the order was paid with a real $10 bill. The manager instructed the cook to take his time preparing the order while police were notified. When arrested the suspect wanted to know if he could have his order “to go”; at least that’s the story I got in my email.

This mornings KPRC website mentioned the arrest and had a short video of the suspects being taken into the jail facility. For those interested in becoming involved in the judicial process, a brief course in how to create your own money is offered.

“We actually found the suspect in the Whataburger with one of the counterfeit $100 bills in his hand," Lt. Ronnie Hayes said.”


“What they do is take a $5 bill or a $1 bill, they wash it, try to get all the ink off of it and then reprint it to either a $50 or $100 bill,” Hayes said. “They left some of the ink from the prior denomination on the bill and it was easy to notice when they (the clerks) picked the bill up.”

I wanted to have some music to go along with this, “Hey Big Spender”, came to mind; but it wasn’t in my library. I suppose we’ll need to alter the words to fit the crime, “The minute you walked in the door, I could tell you were a man of distinction, a real dumb cookie,…”, or somethin’ like that.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to my friend Andy who had a chance to see this first hand. Make sure to count your change, “Hey, both these have the same serial number!”

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