Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Texas DPS/PSB Imposition on Locksmiths

Representative Debbie Riddle
Room EXT E2.208
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
Fax: 512- 463-1908 & 281- 537-8821

Subject: DPS/PSB imposition on Locksmiths

Representative Debbie Riddle,

I am writing well in advance of my renewal application with the DPS/PSB for my locksmith license which comes due in August. It’s a bitter pill to swallow each year I’m required to pay TRIBUTE to the State of Texas for permission to continue doing business. I am aware that the State considers each individual who operates a business to be “ripe for the picking”, so much more money for the general budget.

The State has also seen fit to add insult to injury by giving the DPS/PSB additional authority over my individual business through what is called mandatory annual continuing education. I have been active in the locksmith industry since 1976 and started my own business in 1978. I am now forced to attend a minimum of 8 hours in locksmith related courses of study in order to “qualify” for my license for yet another year.

I attended those 8 hours last year, and then some, to comply. I took the mandated 1 hour class in Ethics along with another 8 hours in basic and advanced automotive work. My specialty is automotive locksmith work and I was pleased to see the information offered; HOWEVER, with my cumulative experience I could have taught that class and saved the time and money that I was forced to spend in order to be in compliance with a STUPID rule which was IMPOSED on my business by a bunch of bureaucrats intent on ruining the free market system.

I will need to take that same automotive class again this year; jump through their hoops, balance along a fence and bow down to the DPS/PSB in order to obtain permission to continue serving my customers. This is repugnant to a red blooded American born with a God given right to Pursue Happiness as found in the Declaration of Independence. I will have to pay another locksmith, one who has registered and become part of the bureaucracy, for information which I already have and waste 8 hours of my time on top of that.

I seek your help in putting an end to this incredibly hostile situation.

T. F. Stern

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