Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cleaning Out the Kitty Litter Box

Maybe it's time to change the kitty litter?

I noticed that my eyes were burning the other day and suspected that one of the cats had forgotten where the litter box was. I kept looking around on the dinning room carpet for a tell tale spot and never found it. We’d had a cool front push through and so I opened up the windows, turned on a fan and instantly the air became fresh.

Sunday evening I heard someone knock at the front door and just as I opened the door and greeted one of the ladies from church it suddenly occurred to me that the kitty litter box which is hidden away next to the front door was the source of the eye blistering odor. I had invited this dear lady into my home and was more than a little distracted and embarrassed as I had to explain that it was time to change the cat sand; not that there was any doubt. I quickly escorted her into another room where the air was breathable.

This afternoon I heard where Senator Harry Reid called for a closed door session, something which appears to have been done more for political grandstanding than for the safeguarding of national interests; but what do I know. I’m sure it had nothing to do with President Bush’s choice for a replacement to the Supreme Court position, a choice which ran directly against the desires of Senator Reid. I’m sure that it had nothing to do with the fact that only one fairly insignificant indictment was returned by the grand jury investigating the alleged improprieties surrounding the leaking of an alleged covert CIA operative’s identity. It’s interesting that a secret session was called as if it were an emergency to discuss our involvement in a war on terrorism that has been going on for quite some time; requiring immediate action to avoid catastrophe.

I saw the look on Senator Frist’s face, almost the same look was on the dear lady from church as she was overpowered by the odor of cat urine when it slapped her olfactory senses. The difference was in how she handled the situation; ignoring the obvious assault and holding her composure until she could move on to clearer air where she graciously ignored what had transpired only moments before.

The problem, at least as I see it, is that for the past several years there has been one heck of a urinating contest going on at the highest levels of our government and nobody has bothered to clean out the box. The stench has overpowered all sensibilities of key players. Instead of opening a window and letting the fresh air clear things up, emptying out the offending sand or anything remotely logical; these idiots decided to close the doors and see who could survive; business as usual in Washington.
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