Friday, November 25, 2005

Splog This

I finally got tired of all the computer generated comments that were inserting themselves to my alternative blogsite, Stern’s Stories. I had used that to separate my rants from my breaks with reality; maybe a visit to the “shrink” would discover that the two are the same.

In any event, I changed the template and hid all the previous comments so that the owners of those blogs who thought it would be nice to advertise Flowers, Antique Jewelry, Satellite TV, Tropical fish or Massage Services will have to go somewhere else. It was interesting that I had over 100 comments to an entry I hadn’t done anything with in months; each day two or three more automated advertisements would tack on.

It’s a shame to close down the comment section since every now and then someone would actually read one of my stories and leave a real comment. Should you desire to tell me that I should keep my day job, work harder, or just say that you enjoyed the story; drop me an email. That will have to do for now.

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