Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Is the Main Stream Media Patriotic?

Ogre’s Politics and Views posed the question as a challenge ( link via title bar ) to anyone stopping by. My gut reaction would be to say, “Not just no, but Hell No!” Okay, so now I have to back up that statement with some kind of structured thought, a fact or two wouldn’t hurt and then have it sound like one of the major bloggers had said it first and that all I was doing was regurgitating as a means of gaining more readership to my own blog.

I’ve already surpassed my wildest dreams as far as the number of folks who visit, read, comment or link to some of my articles so anything more would only be icing on the cake. Being the "Marauding Marsupial" that I am with my part time writing I get a chance to read other news stories and article on the internet for only a short while each day.

I have observed the largest media outlets, notice I didn’t refer to them as mainstream since they hardly reflect what has been called the “fly over states” and pander strictly to the elite crowded metropolis cities on the coasts where their liberal constituency market lauds them as media stars worthy of our constant praise, anyway, these huge media outlets have painted the United States as morally lacking, liars of the first order when referring to the President and his entire administrative unit, our military as incompetent murderers of innocent civilians incapable of understanding the rest of the world's contempt for their deployment around the world and more specifically, in the Middle East where, according to that all knowing media, we have no real interest or business being. I have read the major magazines such as Time, not to forget that they have a separate version that is printed for the ignorant saps here in America and then yet another version for the more sophisticated and intelligent European crowd, one which paints a deplorable picture not seen by their American base as a means of sucking up to the Socialists in EU.

I have noticed a general trend to destroy the will of the American people to succeed as individuals, that they should be more open to the liberal agenda of socialism, that the old ideas of capitalism, making a profit that belongs to either the corporation that invested, marketed and created the wealth via hard work and production, or the individual who has enough stamina to work harder, longer and smarter than the average hourly worker, that those shameful acts of selfishness are the reason the rest of the world hates America.

Maybe the word “seditious” would apply to the large media as they seem to be more concerned with aiding and comforting those who would destroy our country, it’s standard of living and our basic ideals as pertain to our historic documents and, let’s not forget, the steady attacks on core beliefs held sacred by “fly over America”; to include religion, integrity, honesty in dealings with others, did I forget to mention actual reporting of news instead of journalistic license to opinions that they would prefer we hear rather than facts?

Since almost half of the Congress and Senate seem to go along with what is being hurled at us via the large news media, maybe we could include them when contemplating whether or not they are Patriotic, or down right S
editious. Having no concern for our own military units involved with fighting terrorism in its many and various forms, a goodly portion of our Congressmen and Senators have forgotten their primary allegiance is to protect the American public and to provide for a continuation of the promise of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as unalienable rights, not to be confused with inalienable rights. The news media has taken the stance that those antiquated ideas that flowed from the likes of Jefferson, Madison and Washington are nothing more than a starting point in an ever changing world that has shown us that we should no longer value life from its onset in the womb or as it becomes closer to "used up" in old age, that the rest of the world has a different standard, so much more “progressive” as to make us look backward in our thinking. Our out dated free market principles, while they have established our nation as wealthy, enough to share with the rest of the world so that they would not starve, to share when catastrophe strikes on a regular basis, to share our military might so that the oppressed might avoid total annialiation; those achievements are held as naught, opting instead for the large media concept of, “let’s just get along”, regardless of asking liars to hold to promises, murderers to stop murdering and terrorists to conduct themselves in a civilized manner as if by wishing it were so it would be.

No, and Hell No, these malcontent forked tongued hypocrites are not Patriots as they constantly attack the foundations of our country, our liberties and our freedoms; their actions are nothing short of Treason. Let’s hang the rotten scoundrels and be done with it.

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