Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wash Away Your Sins

I enjoy going out to eat except when I’m done I don’t want to have the scent of whatever I just ate to remain on my hands. The waiter will bring me a couple of those moist towelette packages or, if those aren’t available, a squeeze of lemon and a little dip of water from my glass will also do the trick.

I had to use my daughter’s computer upstairs a while ago; the program she has for duplicating CD’s is so much faster
than the one on mine. I happened to notice she had one of those towelette packages sitting on her desk; except hers was a little different than the ones I’d used. Instead of wiping away food residue these were intended to wipe away sins; that’s right, just wipe away those sins and toss them in the trash.

I laughed about that for a minute or two as I continued to copy CD after CD for some project that Lucy needed. Wouldn’t it be a neat trick if that’s all you had to do, open up a fresh moist towelette package and “whoosh”, there went the sins you had been carrying around all week. There would be no need to be remorseful, just toss the used towelette in the trash and start over.

What’s even more comical, although comical falls short of the word I was looking for, maybe tragic would fit better; is that getting rid of your sins is even easier than that. All you have to do is walk away and leave them, never to return to them and they are removed as if by magic. In the scriptures it’s called the Atonement; but if you want to go and buy some you’re out of luck, that was paid for a long time ago and all you need do is accept it.
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