Saturday, November 19, 2005

Is this a “Connect the Dots” or a “Bush Lied” story?

Remember after the World Trade Center was taken out by terrorists, remember how President Bush’s opponents kept referring to his inability to “connect the dots”? There were not enough hours in the day for all the Monday Morning quarterbacks to point out all the red flags that could have been seen, should have been seen and what a weak intelligence agency we must have.

Then, of course, there is the 911 Commission which appears to have intentionally tossed out the information given to them regarding an intelligence operation known as Abel Danger. The information was quashed from reaching the FBI, information which might have enabled our own government to snuff the terrorists out before it ever happened.

This morning on the Fox website ( linked via title bar) I read about a situation over in Iran, those lovely folks who keep forgetting where the border is between their land of tyranny and that of Iraq, a country determined to obtain a Democratic form of government. It has been documented for several years that Iran has been working toward having military style Enriched Uranium as a means toward becoming a nuclear threat to their neighbors and the rest of the world. Isn’t it bad enough having these “towel heads” strapping conventional explosives to their bodies as they take out those who disagree with their radical Muslim Jihad; no, let’s wait until they have some nuclear weapons.

“VIENNA, Austria — Iran obtained detailed instructions on how to set up the complicated process of enriching uranium which can (be) used to make nuclear arms, from the black market network run by a Pakistani scientist, the U.N. atomic monitoring agency said Friday.”, according to the AP release.

Is this new information, the information gathered and distributed by the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency part of the next “Why didn’t the Bush Administration Connect the dots?” strategy or is it to be lumped in with the other claims that Bush Lied, there never were Weapons of Mass Destruction, it was all made up to get us into a war with Iraq.

The UN has issued no sanctions or pushed to have these sites opened for inspection. Maybe they are waiting for President Bush to save the world again, get tangled up in the mess the UN is unable to take care of.

“The report said the key outstanding issues concerning Iran's nuclear program include whether the military was involved in enrichment, access to the military site where the "dual use" equipment was believed held and greater access to individuals involved in the enrichment program.”

Picture Jay Leno doing his monologue, pandering for another laugh as he covers the news events of the week.

“Just what would the key outstanding issue be? Maybe Iran’s public school system was in those secret buildings enriching uranium, that’s it. That high security building is off limits while the children attempt to unlock the secrets of the universe. “It’s my science project Rahsheed, what are you doing for your project?” Meanwhile the military has no desire to obstruct the educational values of enriching uranium, their only concern is for the safety of the children working on it; yea, right?” Spontaneous applause and laughter as Jay goes to the next joke.

The leaders speaking for the Democratic Party would have us all believe that Bush Lied; repeating it over and over with the help of the major news media outlets until the public simply accepts that version. What’s the old adage, a lie told often enough becomes the truth? Well, it just ain’t so; go back and read the facts. The only ones proven to be Liars so far are those Democrats who are attempting to re-write history.

So, is this story out of the UN a tease, something that most folks will blow off, having been lied to so many times, regardless of who was telling those lies or will the spineless UN actually follow through with sanctions which they cannot enforce with out the United States providing the military might to accomplish those sanctions?

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