Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Putting on Shoes

Election Day has come and gone, the world continues. You thought I was going to rant about how California has decided to wallow in socialism and corrupt union power; wrong. I’m going to let someone else take on that gig.

This morning I was going through my ritual of getting ready; shower, get dressed and all that. One of the last parts of the ritual is putting on socks and shoes, or in my case, socks and cross trainers; please, no reference to trans-gender was implied or stated. I wear New Balance cross trainer sneakers to work in because they fit my feet and go well with blue jeans. I don’t have to wear uncomfortable dress shoes like I do on Sundays because locksmiths have a little more sense than folks who have to punch a time clock and sit in a cubicle all day.

Where was I; oh yea, I was sitting on the bottom steps that lead to the upstairs bedrooms putting on my shoes. This is a big deal around our house. Our two puppies pay very close attention to the rituals around here. The first, getting out of bed; why else would we get out of bed if not to walk to the kitchen and feed the beasts? The second, and even more important, putting on shoes because that means the beasts get to go “Outside”, something that is not only necessary after having eaten; but more exciting and fun. They get to romp around, sniff the territory and figure out which other beasts have visited their domain. Then lastly, they get to come back “inside” and get rewarded for having braved the “outside”. This all takes place in a matter of a few sequential minutes every morning.

When I sit on the edge of the stairs to put my shoes on a little light bulb goes off in the minds of the puppies; I still call them puppies even though they are well into “dog”. You can see them leap for joy at the prospect of getting to go “Outside”. I should explain that front door “Outside” is different than back door “outside”. Going out the back door “outside” is associated with the penalty box for having done something improper or just for being a dog when company comes over; nothing to look forward to there.

I guess it’s time to let those puppies back in now, and, while I’m out there, get the paper. Then the puppies can have a small chew treat for having accomplished piles of work, forgive the weak pun. I’ll get to read about how Texas voters passed the Christian version marriage amendment; marriage is between a man and a woman only, and wait for some judicial ruling to overturn that later on for discriminating against the more “progressive” segment of society or some other reason. Excuse me; that should be “regressive”, since it associates backward with forward, wrong instead of right and; well, you get the idea. White is not black and black is not white, good is not evil and evil is not good. Those who would have you believe such are misguided at best; the only thing to determine after that is why they are intent on corrupting the rest of society with their perversions.

Putting on my shoes is important; but how much can you write about puppies getting excited over going to poop in the yard? Watch where you step...

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