Friday, November 18, 2005

Substitute Friday Quickies

Tony over at Red Mind in a Blue State has been avoiding his duties by not putting up enough blogs, especially my favorite, Friday Quickies. I’m thinking of cutting the huge salary and maybe even some of those benefits. There were so many issues during the past few days that caught my interest; where to begin?

President Bush finally decided that the facts about the War on Terror needed to be restated since the so called “loyal opposition” has distorted the truth for so long, culminating in their latest push in congress to demand a time table for leaving Iraq.

I wrote my comments when asked whether the big news media could be considered as Patriots and while doing so, I included my belief that almost half the Congress and Senate are in the same boat as big media; not only are they not Patriots, they appear to be guilty of Sedition or possibly even Treason. I’ve included a link to Eric Cowperthwaite’s article (linked via title bar), “What Haven't You Been Told?”, pointing to the need for putting pressure on big media to mention the real facts every once in a while, rather than the constant barage of Anti-Bush, Anti-War, Anti-American self defeating dribble. Without the individuals in the Blogosphere constantly reminding big media that, yes, there are alternative information sources, sources that shed the truth and really do have an impact on the way the world is informed, that big media doesn’t have a strangle hold on the disemination of the news as it once did and that big media had better get its act together and report the truth, or at least make it look a little more balanced than the propganda they’ve been spreading, much like the propaganda I put in my garden to help the plants grow.

Moving right along, there are several individual bloggers, sharp witted and intelligent from reading their articles, bloggers who have a great deal of sarcasm and annimosity directed toward religion and those who have faith based explanations as to the creation of the universe, ID or anything which they feel encroaches on their narrow view of the sciences. Rather than attempt my own explanation, one which takes in many aspects of reason to include scientific principle and faith in that which cannot be proven by scientific observation; instead I will refer to an article written by John Pratt, a well respected scientist in his own right. John clearly brings up aspects of the sciences I had not considered, and yet would tend to be relavant in this day of discounting religionists as kooks; it may well be that a large portion of the so called scientific community is more afraid of the truths they are unable to explain, please take the time to read, “Has Satan Hijacked Science?”. ( Blogger is not cooperating today and refuses to let me hide links)

Before I close, I am reminded that Tony always has some thought provoking quote from Theodore Roosevelt. This will have to do since I’m substituting in his absence; I leave you with these words of encouragement spoken by the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Gordon B. Hinkley. It makes a “good fit” with the two topics I placed before you.

"Let us be a people of honesty and integrity, doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. "

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