Thursday, November 03, 2005

Two Candidates for the World Class Poker Tour

Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon, two former lobbyists for the Coushatta tribe of Louisiana are being investigated for “scaring them into paying exorbitant fees by suggesting that Texas would legalize gambling” according to an AP article by Bennett Roth. (linked via title bar)

“The Coushattas, who paid Abramoff and Scanlon $36 million in fees over three years, told the panel they feel betrayed by the lobbyists.”


Coushatta officials said they paid Scanlon's company, Capital Campaign Strategies, $870,000 in 2001 to set up a political organization in Texas to lobby against gambling.

They said Scanlon had written them that "with the Enron and Continental Airlines debacles hitting the Houston area, they are desperate for revenue. ... We have never before seen such a pro-gaming atmosphere in Texas."

The Texas Legislature was considering, but never approved, gambling.”

Let me see if I have this down correctly, a group of Indians from the Coushattas owns a casino in Louisiana where gambling is legal paid a couple of forked tongued white men to an organize anti-gambling organization in Texas to prevent competition by keeping a steady flow of gamblers going to Louisiana and the result was that it was successful, is that right? So, why are they unhappy? All the money they spent to prevent competition worked because of the efforts of their paid “Ace in the hole” lobbyists.

I know, if it goes badly for Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon they can alter the their names, Michael Scanaloni or something like that, start collecting white envelopes and call it a protection racket, get jobs at HBO on the Soprano’s, wear black shirts with white ties while eating ravioli on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Wednesday…

In the mean time, have Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon sit in on the World Poker Tour; sounds like they have a knack for bluffing down a full house with a pair of three’s. The Coushatta’s should have folded up their tents and stuck to something they know about, gambling sure isn’t one of them.

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