Friday, May 05, 2006

Getting the Swell Head

I got a call from one of the employees at Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros. She needed keys made and programmed to her Ford Taurus. When I completed that job I stopped by the ticket window so now Lucy and I will get to see the Cardinals in July.

I figured since I was out that way I would stop by H. L. Flakes, the place I purchase most of my locksmith stuff. I’d bought a part for a specialty tool over the phone so that I could cut the 2006 Impala key on my A-1 Pak-a-Punch hand held key cutter; except they’d sent me the wrong piece. The right part was in stock and all I needed to do was make the exchange. I knew that I also needed some replacement inventory along with some of those fancy keys with the built in remote controls. I ended up spending a small fortune and only had a lunch sized sack to hold it all.

While I was there one of the owners came out and wanted my autograph on the April issue of ALOA’s Keynotes, one of the national locksmith publications. I’d submitted one of my blog articles and the editor must have liked it. A guy could get the swell head if that happened too often. This was the second time an article of mine got published; guess that makes me a professional writer. I’ve linked to the newest article in the title bar; here’s the one from last year.

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