Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No more tears for Saddam, save them all for Mayada

Kathleen Parker wrote an op-ed with that title (linked via title bar) worth a moment of your time.

“. . .Saddam is "resolute," while we are to infer that he is brave in the face of death and loyal to his countrymen. He's ready to die, he said, and he'd stand firm again were his country to be invaded.

Fortunately, I was all out of hankies as this story hit the wires. Also, providentially, I happened to be reading a book that allowed me to maintain perspective even as others apparently were wilting in the presence of lunatic grandiosity. (emphasis added)

The book is called Mayada, Daughter of Iraq, by Jean Sasson, and tells the story of a woman journalist, Mayada Al-Askari, who was arrested and tortured in 1999 along with the other "shadow women" of cell 52 in Baladiyat prison.”

Our “drive by media”, that group of journalists who have aligned themselves with our enemies rather than support anything that might show George W. Bush in a positive light, have delighted in the release of stories and photographs depicting the depravity of a few guards. These media hacks would have us believe that the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison was equal to or greater than the torture which was imposed by Saddam and his henchmen on those unfortunate enough to be jailed in Iraq under his regime.

If you tell a lie long enough it becomes the same as the truth.
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