Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Real Entertainment

We’ve been enlisted to baby sit our grandchildren for a bit. Our 8 month old granddaughter, Jocelyn, is teething and we found that pretzels are her favorite. I used to enjoy Milk Bone brand dog biscuits; kind of a funky taste that I never considered to be exceptionally odd to nibble every now and then; but pretzels have taken over first place over the years. Last night we gave her a couple of small pretzels; one for each hand.

Roxie, our large white puppy is torn between being jealous of the baby getting so much of our attention and being protective of her all at the same time. Lucy was sitting on the living room floor holding the baby on her right leg while Roxie had her head resting on the other leg. Jocelyn would put a pretzel in her mouth and chew on it a little, let it swing out toward Roxie to look at and then, just as Roxie thought it had been offered as a treat, Jocelyn would snatch it back and chew some more.

This unintended tease went on several times, Roxie’s jowls had drool hanging down 3 inches in anticipation of the treasured pretzel prize only inches away. Jocelyn managed to sweep the pretzel through one of the elongated drool formations on its way back for her to chew on; but Lucy decided that Roxie had waited far too long, teased beyond reason and placed the pretzel in Roxie’s mouth.

I went back and found a blog from last year when we acquired Roxie. At the time we didn’t know she was about to litter; ignorantly believing that she had just littered. I linked to that article in the title bar so you can see what a beautiful puppy she is.

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