Monday, May 15, 2006

Power Plus MPG Gasoline Additive Testimonial

One of Lucy’s friends started selling a gasoline additive that he said would give us an edge with gasoline prices soaring; something that would get us much better gas mileage.
The stuff is called Power Plus MPG, manufactured exclusively for DreamLife Products, 888-429-8216, , and comes in capsule form. I was instructed to put several capsules in the gas tank after having topped off at the gas station, run two full tanks through and then take the truck in to have the fuel filter changed to give it optimum performance. I had been averaging about 14mpg, as I reset that function each time I fill up; with some hope of increasing that figure. That was the middle of last week.

Friday, two thirds into that first tank of gas, I noticed an unpleasant odor when I would start the truck, like something in the A/C ducts that might have been drawn in from the engine compartment after shut down. I drove some more and each time I started up the odor was present. I then noticed the “check engine light” had come on. I checked the gauges and noticed that I had used quite a bit of gasoline, more than normal for the miles driven and so I clicked the overhead readout; “11mpg”, not exactly what I had been told to expect. Saturday was the same only the odor was more pronounced. I called my regular mechanic only to hear it ring; must be nice to have Saturday off.

I had to wait until Monday for my trusted mechanic to open his shop, put the fancy diagnostic computer tool on my truck and tell me what the problem was. He waited while it went through the self checking and then told me he would need to drain the rest of the gasoline that had been corrupted, clean out the fuel lines, the injectors and put in a new fuel filter. I am supposed to drive around with a tank of fresh gasoline for a day or so and hope that clears the reading for the oxygen sensor and some other sensor or they will have to be replaced too.

So here’s my testimonial for Power Plus MPG, give me a refund on the remainder of the product I purchased and I will give you a full “ten count” to get clear from my view while I go in the house and load up my gun. If you’re still here when I get back outside I suggest you swallow some of those additives and hope like the dickens that they work better in you than they did in my truck.


user said...

You have been instructed WRONG!! on how to use the power plus MPG.
Tou are making false allegations on you web site because the way you have used the product is completely backwards. If you are a police officer then you would know to further investigate until you knew the absolute truth about things.
Before you go downing this product whom people are seeing excellent results with you should make sure you know what you are talking about.
By the way, is this a threat made publicly?
Are you from another "competing" company who can not stand to see someome else succeed?

ps why have you not called the company with your proof, instead of this?

goodresults said...

Hi Mr. Stern,

First of all you added several pills AFTER you topped off? Did you buy a bottle of PowerPlusMPG? If so, you would noticed that is the improper way to apply it to your fuel.

I am a distributor of this product and I, along with many people I have given free samples to, have had great results.

Mr Stern, I would love to buy the rest of your product from you because we do not need people like you using the product. By the way, sounds like your mechanic made a nice chunk of change from you.

Also, if I were to have the problems you did, then the first thing I would have done is contact the company. There is a 800 number on the bottle that real people answer. Care to answer why you didn't do that before posting this blog??

Drywall Mom said...

As for the two people that have posted comments, he go the instructions from the person selling it. So maybe you should tell the company's sales people to tell customers how to use it right. But dad, you bought it from one of mom's friends and that's all I'm going to say about that.

goodresults said...

Drywall mom----

Did he get a bottle of these pills?

The probligo said...

Every time the price of fuel goes up, these products suddenly appear on the market.

The only one that I have found that really works is the helium filled balloon that you attach to your accelerator foot.

T. F. Stern said...

I did contact the company and they said I'd gotten some bad gasoline, that it couldn't have been their product; however two different mechanics told me that I had to be some kind of idiot to have put that s%$t in my tank. They also said that the odds of having both oxygen sensors destroyed at exactly the same time was similar to the odds of winning the lottery and that it had to have been the crap I put in the tank. In either case I will continue to regret having put that crap in my tank. If the distributors of the product are so stupid that they tell their customers the wrong way to use the product I see little hope for the entire company.

goodresults said...

Mr. Stern,

So we have established that you are stupid and we distributors are stupid as well. Right now there are thousands of people using this product and you are the only one who has had problems. I hate to know that the person did not give you instructions on how to use a product. What is stupid is that you seem to have added the product AFTER fueling according to your first post. Now what kind of idiot would not realize that it would be much better to put the pills in and then add gas to them to make them dissolve better. The beauty of this product is that it cleans out your tank. Do you know what was in your tank prior to adding the product? Probably not. One more thing, Dreamlife Products offers to pay for any damage done to your vehicle. Here is the policy statement: DreamLife's products are covered by a product liability insurance policy.
If proven by Certified Laboratory Testing (at the customers expense) that Power Plus MPG has in any way harmed an internal combustion engine, DreamLife will then perform a Certified Laboratory Test (at the expense of DreamLife Products) on that same internal combustion engine. If both Certified Laboratory Test results prove that Power Plus MPG has harmed the internal combustion engine, DreamLife will pay for 100% of the damages plus a reimbursement to the customer for their personal Certified Laboratory Test expense. If it is proven that Power Plus MPG did not harm that internal combustion engine, the customer responsible for the claim will then be liable to reimburse DreamLife Products for all laboratory testing expenses.

So, Mr. Stern, I ask that you prove it. If you are so adamant that PowerPlusMPG caused your problem, do what any good upstanding person should do and prove it. We all know that mechanics can be shady.

By the way, I will be happy to take the rest of your product (or crap as you call it) off of your hands.

Dreamlife Products is a company that has been in business since 1996. Surely you are not so stupid as to think a company can survive that long without being legitimate. So, the ball is in your court. Prove it....and I don't mean simply having a mechanic diagnose your problem either. Have the lab tests done. Surely your old reliable mechanic can point you to one. Otherwise, pick on something else of interest.

T. F. Stern said...


You must never have heard that a good customer will tell a friend about it, an unhappy customer will tell everyone. I've already admitted to being stupid enough to put that product in my gas tank. I'd of thought if you were so smart you'd let this fade into oblivion; instead you keep agitating me.

goodresults said...

OK....I will let it fade into oblivion if that is what you want. Just know that there are a whole bunch of people out there who have gotten great results. And, yes, I have heard about happy and unhappy customers. Have you heard about proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt before you go running your mouth about it? I'm done agitating you....wouldn't want you to go load your gun. By the way, I am a former Police Officer too and good ones don't act out of emotion before seeking all the facts. God Bless You and may you find it in your heart to forgive the bad people at PowerPlus.