Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thomas Sowell on Immigration Legislation

I stole all of this from Chas Compilation, no reason to change anything since he got it right the first time… Please read his post for the rest . . . (linked via title bar)

“Thomas Sowell points out how the debate about immigration legislation is not being talked about honestly. An excerpt:

...Let's return to the question of what would happen if border control legislation were to be voted on separately from amnesty legislation, instead of in the current package deal.

First of all, we would find out who is serious about border control, especially if the question of amnesty (by whatever name) is postponed for some definite period of time, in order to first see what happens at the border before taking that irrevocable step.

Who would lose anything by this separate consideration of the two pieces of legislation? The country would not lose anything. Neither would the illegal aliens already in the country.

The biggest losers would be politicians. They could no longer be on both sides of the issue by voting for a package deal but would have to stand up and be counted on border control.”

My advice would be to contact your elected representatives and turn up the heat. Let these folks know that they are messing up big time with this issue. Do it today.

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The MaryHunter said...

This was a great column, read it this am during breakfast. He so clearly spells out the idiocy and deceitfulness of the politicos and their posturing. Good swiping, TF.