Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day Thoughts - Part 2

I was reading an article written by Chris Isidore, senior writer, dedicated to the protest marches around the country in support of immigration. The article was slanted toward the economical advantages to the US economy, not the issue of illegal immigration; choosing instead to lump all immigrants, illegal or not, into the same mix; how convenient! Isasore’s article pointed out the presumed benefits to everyone for having these extra workers bolstering up our economy, again, failing to place the focus on the fact that these folks were here illegally; how convenient! He did touch on the fact that many Americans, specifically the younger folks looking for entry level work, had been displaced by these illegal aliens willing to work for under the table wages. All through the CNN article were references as to how strong our economy has been through the 90’s and up to the present; the same economy that has been categorized as on the brink of catastrophe and doom all of the sudden is blossoming and seen through a different pair of glasses; how convenient!

I find it to be an abomination and more than mildly coincidental that on the first day of May, “May Day”, which has become welded with the idea that Socialism and Communism are going to take America down, that huge groups of illegal aliens along with sympathetic liberals ( make that pathetic groups of liberals ), have organized protest marches against a benevolent country such as the United States of America, a country which has turned a blind eye to the migrant workers illegally entering our borders, those who for one reason or another can’t make a decent living in their own “third world” country. I ask any of my high school English teachers to chime in anytime to remind me what a run on sentence looks like and how to properly break my thoughts down into more palatable bite sized pieces with respect to punctuation, grammar and common sense.

I’ve not jumped in with both feet as the foray regarding immigration and illegal immigration has been tossed across the front pages of nearly every publication from local newspapers to national magazines. I figured there was one key word that should have ended most of the discussions; “ILLEGAL”, I was mistaken.

I’m not the sharpest pencil and yet it has been made painfully clear that the sovereignty of the United States of America, the need to divide one nation’s borders from another, has little if anything to do with the hoorah being displayed from the lowest paid farm worker all the way to the floor of the Senate. Think about it, 12 million potential voters are out there waiting, no, demanding to be welcomed with open arms. Forget that they got here illegally, that they have no right what so ever to be here, that they continue to hold their allegiance to those third world countries from whence they came and to which they continue to send billions of US dollars.

If you’re a politician looking for future votes you’d have to be a fool not to consider the implications of how you publicly address such an issue. I happen to lean toward honesty and integrity and so the idea of tossing the law books out the window for the sake of obtaining an elected office runs contrary to my nature; but, how many congressmen and senators have the necessary character to resist such a tantalizing test?

Why are these down trodden immigrants angry with the United States? Is it because the United States is a terrible place to live, to work or express their indignation? Why are these folks not back in their countries of origin protesting the terrible living conditions, the poor economies, their corruption in governments that continue to ignore their own citizens and even encourage their own citizens to illegally enter the United States of America in order to obtain enough money to exist and even to send back home? We must be the worst country on Earth to have so many folks detest us enough to come here by the millions in search of a better way of life just so they can spit on our sovereignty as they march with impunity in our streets.

I say let them protest all they want, feed them a nice meal at the end of the protest march load them into 18 wheelers, much like the ones many of them came here in, and ship them back across the border. I know the living conditions in those 18 wheelers might be a little cramped, not much privacy, nor provisions to supply life giving food and water, a place to properly dispose of human waste material or even enough fresh air to permit life to continue; but, aren’t those part of the risks so many of them took just to get into this horrible country of ours? Never mind checking to see which of the protesters are legal immigrants, illegal aliens or US citizens for that matter; as the CNN article was so careful to avoid, illegal or legal alien, no big deal.

It will give the emergency preparedness folks a chance to see if their hurricane evacuation plans for 2006 are sound; setting thousands of 18 wheelers off in one direction; might even have to alter the flow of traffic on the inbound lanes to accommodate the monumental exodus of unhappy campers. I can hear those kids in the back of the trailers, “Are we there yet?” I’d have written that in Spanish; but English is what we speak here in the decadent land of luxury. “Adios; write when you get work!”

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