Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Below Entry Level Nerd and Trackback

I still have almost no clue how to use Trackback, other than I have been told that I needed it on my blog. Unrepentant Individual has gone out of his way to coach me, even sending a tutorial website for “Dummies” after my wife emailed him with a plea for help. So this will be a test of that tutorial.

Oddly enough I have an opinion about the UN which follows the line of thought I read in “Talk to the Hand”
http://warbs.blogspot.com/2005/02/bush-tells-un-talk-to-hand.html where it compares the UN with the now extinct League of Nations. Seems like I just wrote an article about something that was extinct; that silly tire print fish fossil story.

( It would be ever so nice if the tools for hiding URL links worked. If anyone out there has had this problem and knows how to solve it please contact me. It worked for two URL links earlier today. Now when I try to use it; upon posting and reviewing, everything vanishes from where ever that link was typed in. I have no clue as to why that is.)

I think that the United Nations should be dissolved, their offices emptied of all office equipment and such. These items could be sold on Ebay to help pay for some of those free loaders expenses. For instance, “Ebay item number 1588777772626, a portable telephone used by the Secretary General to obtain Swiss Bank Account Funding related to the Oil for Money Scam in Iraq; starting bid is $ 5.00.” Each auction winner could be promised a document of authenticity suitable for framing.

The building could be turned into a museum, a wonderful library or some other public facility. All of the ungrateful third world pimps would have to go back home and explain that their free ride had ended. The FBI would have an easier job, not having to track all of those “get out of jail free” card holders, the ones we used to call spies. Maybe Donald Trump would like a better office, some place to tape his reality show. We could get him to do the job of running off those pimps, “You’re Fired”. I could get to like the guy after the building was sanitized and deodorized. Start with France and Germany and work down the list, Libya, Saudi Arabia, North Korea; not wanting to leave off all our friends.

I think this test of the trackback has gone on long enough. Now I get to see if it works.

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