Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Here Kitty Kitty

The talk show this morning had a substitute for Glenn Beck, couldn’t tell you his name. He was going on about some proposed legislation in Hawaii to ban the slaughter of dogs and cats for food. Read the story at KTVU web site. I couldn’t help thinking about ethne and her sick kitty’s. I had left a comment indicating that one solution might be “kitty stew”. Someone else jumped in and thought that stew was out of the question, nuggets instead. We were having too much fun at ethne’s expense.

My partner and I used to patrol the near east side of Houston. There was a greasy spoon Mexican restaurant that gave us half off and so we were there at least once a week to chow down. We often joked that there were hardly any strays in that neighborhood, pretending to find a flea collar mixed in with the enchiladas. I don’t see why the Asian community is so bound up over this proposed ban; poor folks anywhere have been doing it for hundreds of years.

One of the ladies from church was presenting a Family Preparedness discussion; how much food for each member of the house, how much money to have in savings and things like that. She reminded us to set some food storage aside for the pets too. Her husband interjected, “I thought They were part of food storage”. She gave him the evil eye until he sat back down. Way to go Alan!

I then found an article in Yahoo about the banning of dog and cat fur imports. So, ethne, you better make those slippers and line those gloves before that legislation goes into effect. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

(I had the silent link tool working for half of this blog but it went wacky again...I had a great link to the pet fur article but its too long to post without the silent link tool.)

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