Monday, February 21, 2005

“But My Fingers Were Crossed”

According to CNN, "Doug Wead, the author who secretly recorded his conversations with then-Gov. George W. Bush told CNN Monday that the tapes were a historical record that he never wanted made public". Which begs the question, “Then why did Doug Wead give the tapes to the New York Times? Did he hand them to the janitor and say, “Please toss these in the furnace; I don’t want anyone to hear these tapes?” Maybe he was still acting out his childhood; you remember, it was okay to tell a lie as long as you had your fingers crossed behind your back as you said it. ( emphisis added )

Wead revealed the existence of the tapes to The New York Times. The Times hired a voice analyst who concluded after eight days that Bush was the speaker on the tapes. ABC News also concluded the voice on the tapes was Bush.”, from the CNN story. I wonder if Dan Rather was asked for his expertise on the authenticity of the tapes, even though the White House is not denying such.

“Doug Wead -- a former aide to President Bush's father, George H.W. Bush -- said he was thinking about writing a book when he made the tapes, but would not say whether he thought the tapes would boost sales of his book about presidential childhoods.” The entire CNN article is linked in the title line.

This is not the biggest story of the month, not by a long shot; however, the main stream press seems to think so. When George W. Bush was running for the presidency the first time I can recall having some question, at least in my own mind, as to how he was going to “fade the heat” on a national level for some of his immature activities of the past. I knew that he’d been arrested for DWI, something that he was able to “float” past the public. The main test of his character at that moment in time was the fact that he met those charges up front and never tried to sweep them under the rug.

Yes, George W. Bush made some serious mistakes when he was sowing his wild oats; that was then and this is now. I hope Doug Wead’s book sells enough for him to buy back his soul, the one he sold for a hand full of silver.

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