Monday, February 21, 2005

Thoughts on President’s Day

I enjoyed Red Mind in a Blue State's blog about President’s Day. I had just posted on the WeadGate story when I started going over the blogs of my fellow HCBA. Did I just use a cheesy line, WeadGate? Not to blow any smoke, but I don’t think too many folks really think President’s Day is a valued holiday anymore.

When I was growing up, not that I ever made it, we had George Washington’s birthday and we also had Abraham Lincoln’s birthday as important dates on the February calendar. There would be a big deal about having their portraits in all the class rooms, projects to see which class could make the best stove pipe hats and beards from a piece of black construction paper. At least we knew why it was a holiday back then.

Somehow the labor unions and management got sideways over having 2 paid holiday and so we ended up with President’s Day. Now I can never remember who’s birthday is which, not that it matters all that much.

I looked at the Sunday paper, the one that has the color comics. There was a half page dedicated to every thing you always wanted to know about George Washington Carver, not George Washington. I have nothing against Mr. Carver; except that on the day before President’s Day one would think that an article about the George Washington would have been more appropriate. Maybe they were still going for the Black History Month thing.

I have an idea; let’s have a Black History Month Holiday to replace President’s day. Then in March we can have Green Beer Holiday, thereby avoiding any reference to Saints. April we can have Bug’s Bunny Day to replace Easter, again, no reference to religion. After a while this gets to be a real downer, almost as bad as the History that isn’t being taught anymore.

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