Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tony Karon the Voice of Europe

I watched Tony Karon, senior editor for Time.com, being interviewed on CNN Headline News. He seemed to take delight in reporting what he called the failures of the United States to repair fences with the European Allies. It was more than annoying to watch and listen as he bashed the efforts that the United States has taken to establish a true Democracy where once there was only tyranny in Iraq. I’m glad that I don’t support Time; the only time I pick it up is either at the chiropractor’s office or at the barber shop, so someone else wasted their money on it.

Most of our supposed European Allies are governments that call themselves Democracies, and yet with each passing day they are far more Socialist, even leaning toward Communist forms of government. Is it any wonder then that they would not want the new kid on the block, the Iraqis, to have a more representative form of government? Instead of trying to emulate these Fair Weather Friends, as the Kennedy’s, the Kerry’s and the Reid’s in our Democratic Party would have us do; why not move on with out them and compare how much better off we really are. Let them eat cake!

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