Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"Never Give Up, Never Surrender"

I love that line from the movie, Galaxy Quest. If you’ve never seen a good “spoof” movie, then take a Whirl with this one. I think it applies to bloggers just as easily as it does to goofy star ship crews.

Speaking of Whirl, I was reading an interesting blog from Instapundit ( for some reason I cannot quietly link to Instapundit so I will uncover it.)http://instapundit.com/archives/021196.php who had linked to Batesline, (which also will not link the way I wanted to.) http://www.batesline.com/archives/001274.html

The blog was all about the Tulsa World threatening a blogger for quoting and linking directly to their web site. I followed the links in the blog and found the the legal president which pulls the teeth out of such a threat. I took the time to save that articulation for future reference.
( link for legal president found in title line )
“By Grampa’s Hammer…I shall avenge you.!”. If you can’t have some fun with your blogs then why bother. I may link to the “Tulsa Whirl” some time soon just so I can get a nasty letter too.

Its not as much fun writing a blog when the tools for linking don't function properly.

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