Tuesday, February 15, 2005

With a Little Luck...

Two Short blurbs from Neil Boortz got me going this morning:

“Astronomers are telling us that a giant asteroid, over 300 yards wide, will narrowly miss the earth on April 13, 2029. That's 24 years from now. April 13, 2029, by the way, is a Friday the 13th. Democrats are already protesting the possibility of a preemptive strike on the asteroid.”

Scientist have not determined, at least nothing for certain, that the asteroid’s path; calculated along with the Earth’s rotation, placed California as its primary target. Place your feet into a pair of brown shoes at this time. This will match up perfectly with the 9th Circuit Court’s review of a heterosexual couple’s suit claiming that the State of California should not have annulled their union simply because they were of a different sexual orientation. Put that date on your calendar, April 13, 2029; maybe we will get lucky.

“California lawmakers are upset by hybrid automobiles. They don't use enough gas, which means they don't pay enough in gasoline taxes. So ... they're considering a "tax by the mile" system. You charge drivers for how many miles they use the roads. On the one hand it seems fair. On the other hand, it's just proof that there is no limit to the desire that politicians have to get their hands in your pockets.”

“With a little bit of luck, with a little bit of luck when they come around you won’t be home”, is the line from My Fair Lady. The politicians still don’t understand that the money you take home from your labors is your money, not the government’s money. All the BS about making the air safe to breathe was a smoke screen. The Beatles had it right in their song, “Put rubber pennies on your eyes”, because they will tax you even when you die.

I pay my income tax quarterly since I am self employed. I have to estimate my profits and pay income taxes based on the negative assumption that I will not produce more than my predictions or else I have to pay a penalty on top of the tax. There is something fundamentally wrong with that philosophy. It would make much more sense to pay me a bonus for producing more; but when did government ever do anything logical?

Thanks to The Unrepentant Individual and A Red Mind in a Blue State for keeping this item in front of us. Did you know that when this country was founded that about 95% of all workers were self employed? Things have changed quite a bit, haven’t they? Glad I work for myself and have to keep track of how much the government takes from me on a regular basis.

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