Thursday, February 17, 2005

Border Gaps Are a Clear and Present Danger

I was listening to the local talk show this morning and heard the end of an interview with a caller. The information was from a fellow who flies the border of Texas 3 times a week as aerial surveillance in conjunction with the US Border Patrol. I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of his remarks when he stated that there are many Middle Eastern illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico into Texas each week. These are not Mexican Nationals looking for a job picking fruit or some other labor related issue; these are potential terrorists who have been caught and documented as such.

I am in agreement with Nerdy Conservative . . .

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. . .when he say’s that this constitutes a Clear and Present Danger to the United States of America. I call on our elected representatives and those who have been appointed with the stewardship of security to address this issue.

Why haven’t the borders been sealed? Why have we not heard more about this threat, other than on talk radio? Why are we walking on rice paper when Mexico’s President Fox rattles his hurt feelings at us?

The $5.8 Billion slated to research for Kyoto environmental solutions would be a huge waste of money, based on actual scientific data rather than the “we should feel guilty for success” mantra of the green party. ( I have linked to this information via the Title line. ) Instead let’s hire as many new border patrol agents and equip them properly with that money. Use some of that same money to subsidize local police departments in the southern border states so that they can adequately deal with illegal aliens and last but not least; actually enforce those immigration laws rather than listening to the liberal left’s bleeding hearts puke about having to feed the worlds starving, patch them for free in our state of the art hospitals and teach their children for free in our public schools that are paid for with our tax dollars.

Can you hear me up there in Washington? Can you hear me “out there” you in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals; yes you assholes who overturned California’s Proposition 187? Isn’t it time to start defending the United States instead of leaving it wide open to those who intend to tear it down?

My answer; remember that I am a normally a good going to church on Sunday kind of guy, my answer is Damn right its time to shut those borders!

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Remay1 said...

Rome's failure to control their borders eventually let barbarians overrun them. Our failure to do the same will result in our ruin.

We must abolish government handouts for those who are here illegally. We must stop more from coming in. And, as much as I hate to say it, we must institute a national ID card now. It's the only way we will regain control. Terrorism is to great a danger to take lightly.