Friday, February 25, 2005

Religion is not a Democracy

Religion is not a Democracy

I was reading Red Mind in a Blue State “
Friday Quickies” this morning as he categorized his reasons for having the Catholic Church and or the Anglican Church in the United States break off from their old world anchors.

“The key contention revolves around the watchword for this new century: democracy. Americans' true religion is democracy. We treasure freedom. We believe in "one person, one vote". The right to stand up and say, "That's wrong!" and to expect to be listened to, and to expect change-- it's in our blood.”

I’m not a Catholic and I do not know how their Church feels about the “intimate relationship” between God and Pope. What I am hearing is that there is no divine link between the Pope, his council to their members and the mind and will of God. It’s a little like that line from “Miracle on 34th Street” where the little girl tells Chris Cringle that he is “just a very nice man” and shouldn’t have believed in him when she doesn’t see the gift she had been dreaming of under the Christmas tree.

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the president of the Church is Prophet, Seer and Revelator. In other words we believe that God runs his Church here on Earth via the Prophet. Then it is only a matter of using our Free Agency to obey the word of God; having nothing to do with democracy. I am very comfortable with this particular arrangement because of my testimony of the truthfulness of the restored gospel.

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