Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Defining Moment for Humanity

I read where State Circuit Court Judge George Greer is holding off for two days his decision on whether or not to murder Terri Schiavo; that’s right, murder. Terri Schiavo has met all the necessary criteria that entitles her the right to live out her life as a human being. The “Pro Choice” folks went to a lot of trouble to get a legal definition of what a viable embryo was, one that could support itself out side the mother’s womb. Terri Schiavo has already met that challenge; the fact that she has suffered a major disability is not in question. Once Terri Schiavo was able to support life outside the womb she earned ALL the rights of citizenship.

I heard some lawyer on a talk show going on and on about having a “Living Will” to protect your interests in the event of such a catastrophic life altering situation. His point was that Terri Schiavo should have protected her right to life through a living will. My rebuttal would have to be from the opposite side. Unless specifically indicated in writing, all citizens are automatically presumed to desire life.

I think this is a defining moment for humanity that we need to focus upon. When a State Circuit Court Judge can decide that death is better than life, we all have to suffer the blanket indictment of our society. Terri Schiavo is not a convicted criminal under penalty of death. She is at the mercy of a Godless society, one that murders babies in the womb, sometimes extracting them piece by piece, sometimes at the moment of birth. She is at the mercy of a Godless society that would permit a young woman to be starved to a painful death; her only crime is that she is unable to feed herself. I fail to see that justice has anything to do with the handling of Terri Schiavo, her parents and more importantly, those unfortunate individuals in the future whose lives will be affected by this travesty.

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