Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Can You Say, “Flip Flop”

The University of Colorado reversed itself this afternoon, and is allowing Ward Churchill to give a speech tonight on campus. ( I had gone back to check my “links” to make sure they were all working and I noticed that the original story from World Net Daily had changed. )

"Ron Stump, vice chancellor for Student Affairs, said, according to the Rocky Mountain News. "Today, we met again with students who retracted their earlier reports of death threats and urged us to allow the event to go forward."

I think they crumbled when the letters "ACLU" came up; you bunch of wimps ( The new "fight song" at the University of Colorado will have to be changed. "Oh I wish I were and Oscar Meyer Weiner...)

I still contend that the University has left itself wide open for major litigation in the event that the “phantom death threat” is ever carried out by some of the “wackos” previously mentioned.

In the words of some other insignificant statesman, “I voted for it; just before I voted against it.”, or something like that….


GWhizKids said...

You know, I still have not thought out completely where I stand on this whole "academic freedom" thing (I understand why it was first enunciated; I'm just not sure it still serves the same noble purpose). Neverhtheless, the University of Colorado needs to take a stand adn stick with it...

ethne said...

This is very telling as well: "students who retracted their earlier reports of death threats." How does one retract a report of a death threat. Was the death threat imagined, or did the one who make it say "Oh, seriously guys, I was just kidding. I promise not to kill the professor."

Ugh, the whole thing makes me want to vomit on the professor's head.