Thursday, March 06, 2008

Did I Call it or What?

Yesterday I wrote my thoughts regarding the Anti-American attitude engrained within a good portion of folk songs which bashed the establishment. I’m not sure many read the article; I don’t exactly shake the blogosphere with my slender readership averages; how unfortunate.

I only mention this because Michelle Malkin happened to write about Draft Card Burning yesterday. I didn’t catch the piece until this morning while reading her take on this morning’s bomb blast in Times Square, the one that took out a military recruiting station where anti-war protests have occurred in the past. While details are sketchy at best, it does appear to be the work of home grown disgruntled anti military folks rather than the imported variety; though it’s hard to tell which are worse.

There is something ironic about a peace movement which claims to be against war while working late nights to build explosive devices and blow up their chosen enemies; sounds like war to me. I think I called it, these folks aren’t so much anti-war as they are ant-American. I don’t think this is what Martin Luther King had in mind when he said, “We shall overcome”; now light the fuse and get the heck out of here before the whole damn building comes down on us.

Somehow the words, “We shall overcome”, turned into a song performed by the so called peace movement got perverted by the likes of Joan Baez and the anti-American crowd who thought all the establishment was to blame for the world’s ills. Here we are, slaves of the most oppressive regime, the U S Government and it’s up to us to brake those chains. Watch this and try not to puke in the nearest trash can while Joan stirs the down trodden masses to walk toward the light of freedom.

Rather than figure out a way to work within the best form of government ever to grace this world, the supposedly disenfranchised anti-war, anti- capitalist, anti-formal religious movement figured on replacing it with something else; what exactly has never been worked out in detail, just as long as it’s different. Let’s blow up the military recruiting center in downtown New York City; that should show the world how much we love our freedoms. Did I call it or what?

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