Wednesday, March 26, 2008

U S to China - We Accidentally Sent the Wrong Parts

You have to love the fact that the U S military folks packaged a box of parts and sent them off to Taiwan; only problem was they were the wrong parts, fuses for atomic warheads instead of rubber bands for their fleet of air support. Hey, it happens all the time; no need to blow up a country over a clerical error. China is not happy and wants a full investigation into the matter or it will; just what will these thugs do anyway? Shove some Baptist ministers around just like they did the Buddhist Monks or will they add more lead to toys sent to the U S?

I tried to order my own atomic missile over the Internet; had to purchase the parts separately and put it together myself according to the ad. I thought the prices for the various parts were exceedingly low; but with the crackdown on personal firearms I figured I better get one before they closed the loophole. Imagine my disappointment upon opening the box only to find a child’s toy scooter instead of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Last month I got a catalog from a locksmith wholesale house where I purchase a good portion of my inventory. On the front cover were photographs of several items which are readily identifiable; one in particular caught my attention, a Ford Focus replacement ignition switch. I took a second look at the photo and knew right off it was a Chrysler/Dodge ignition switch and had a good laugh for their not having done a very good job of proofing the front page of the catalog prior to sending it out to everyone. Like I said; hey it happens, no need to blow up a country over a clerical error.

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