Sunday, March 23, 2008

We were taught the Gospel on Easter

Imagine that, going to church and hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ being taught; kind of makes you wonder about what’s going on in some other churches. The Easter program was one of those “Gospel in a Nutshell” kind of lessons presented musically from beginning to end. It started with an explanation on the birth of our Savior and had speaking parts throughout; but mostly it was a musical presentation on the life, crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord.

I should explain that there was a problem with the organ. I’ve no idea other than the organist attempted to get something working to his liking for a few minutes prior to walking across to the other side of the stand and sitting down at the piano. I suppose if you have enough talent you can get away with such minor inconveniences, Brother Davies can get away with it; the entire program had his keyboard marking time which made it possible to start and end on time.

For those who don’t believe in angels or miracles; well, you missed your chance to verify their existence today. Our choir is so small we’d have trouble making a baseball team without closing off right field; but they sounded wonderfully full as various members stepped out and did solo performances and then returned to fill in the gaps. There had to be invisible angels helping make the choir sound so good.

We didn’t hear any political nonsense, nothing about race relations, nothing about how the country was goin’ to hell in a hand basket; just stuff from the scriptures that told about God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost and important information about the resurrection and the atonement. I suppose this is my way of inviting all those from other churches to come sit with us next week, those who weren’t taught these Gospel principles today; instead being fed a steady diet of angry rhetoric intended to stir them up rather than calm them down with a sense of peace; peace which is freely given by the Lord to all his children.

You have all week to hear about that other nonsense; Sunday is reserved for quiet contemplation about the many blessings which the Lord has given us and for which he may bless us in the future. Sunday is a day to worship the Lord, not to use the bully pulpit as a means of working some political or social agenda. Those responsible for perverting their flocks will have to answer to the Lord. I just wish you could have been with our group today so you could have had a proper Easter Sunday meeting.

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