Friday, March 28, 2008

More Chinese Lead in U S Products

If having lead in toys which came from China isn’t bad enough, now there are reports of ammunition being distributed in Afghanistan which contain lead from China. What’s that, run it by again? You heard right, bullets which were supposed to have been manufactured in Hungary apparently were made in China. Sources investigating said, and I had to laugh at their choice of words:

“…provided the Army Sustainment Command, Rock Island, Illinois, with a Certificate of Conformance that you knew to be false or misleading…”

Was that supposed to be “mis-lead-ing”; is it just me or is that funny?

That could be dangerous, I mean ( use your best Arlo Guthrie voice when saying “I mean” ), what kind of ammunition are we using when our bullets have the wrong kind of lead? Somebody could get hurt, don’t ya’ know.

I remember something from my youth, a phrase mom attached to folks who appeared to be doggin’ it, ( lazy ). She said they suffered from Chinese Anemia, an accumulation of lead in their hind quarters (behind, butt ). Bear with me, there has to be a reason for getting upset when the bullets used by our troops might have the wrong ( wong, lol ) kind of lead. Just suppose for a moment how this might affect an autopsy; did the fellow die from an injury caused by regular lead blasting apart vital organs, did he suffer from lead poisoning or was he simply too lazy to live?

The tip off that the ammunition might have come from China had to do with the packing. Instructions on how to use the product in a weapon, “Please to insert round portion of explosive projectile front facing in section of weapon loaded.” Upon dismantling several bullets, small pieces of paper were found, “This is not your lucky day” along with suggested lottery numbers to play.

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