Saturday, March 01, 2008

Getting Ready for the Car Show

I was asked to make a set of keys to a 1984 Cutlass sitting in the wholesale line at one of my regular dealerships. The manager said I’d have no trouble spotting it, “It’s the one that looks like a horse ate the top out of it against the fence”. I had the last part of the VIN to make sure; not that I could have mistaken this beast for another.

I carefully positioned myself in the front seat and started on the ignition switch, a standard Saginaw column. These are almost antiques now and I don’t see them all that often; most are in the junk yards or have already been recycled. While sitting there, looking through the front windshield with a couple of monster sized spider cracks which had spread across the entire field of view, a fellow walked by and asked what I was doing; like he couldn’t see my locksmith truck?

“I’m getting this one ready for the Car Show.” I have no idea why it came out like that. He studied the car for a few moments, taking note of the driver door being a mismatch, the padded roof which indeed looked as if a horse had taken a few bites with shredded padding hanging out. He then looked inside at the front seat where the same horse may have needed something to wash down the roof padding with a few gulps of foam from the driver seat.

“Looks like a lot of work.” I’ve taken some liberties with his actual response.

The idea occurred to me that my humor had missed the mark made my remarks even funnier to me the more I thought about it as I noted parts of the steering column had been replaced at one time. I took a few photographs before leaving knowing I’d have a chance to share this moment.

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