Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Little Mountain

Years ago there was a show with Bill Alexander, the Happy Little Painter Show. I was fascinated with how quickly he could scatter colors on a canvas and come up with a great landscape scene. I enjoyed his extemporaneous comments during the painting session; some may have been the result of his not having had adequate couch time at the therapist or a few too many tilted elbows near the Jack Daniels. In either case he was a joy to watch and to listen to. After he left the show was taken over by an equally talented painter; but the loss of an inebriated Bavarian’s babblings left out a key element of my enjoyment and I quit watching.

Here’s a sample of my work from back then, a direct result of the Bill Alexander technique for turning wanna-be painters into happy little painters. The fellow in the boat is supposed to be my father in law.

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