Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fun with Headlines

I miss the way DL over at TMH Bacon Bits would have fun with the headlines. DL, if you’re out there, get back to the keyboard, sabbaticals are different than retirement.

Jury selection begins for dad accused of microwaving baby

We’ll be done in a jiffy.

Obama wins Mississippi's Democratic primary

I wonder if he’s whistling Dixie

Assisted Suicide Doctor Jack Kevorkian Plans Run for Congress in Michigan

He’s a dead on favorite.

House Fails to Overturn Bush Veto of CIA Bill That Banned Waterboarding

Bush has them over a barrel

Pakistan Police Probe Possible Al Qaeda Ties in Twin Bombings That Killed Dozens

Scientist testing theory; Sun warms the Earth.

Shipley Settles Employee Discrimination Lawsuit

They had to, their case was full of holes.

Had enough, or should I look around for more? Okay, you talked me into one more.

Billy Crystal to Play With Yankees for One Game

One game and I already have an asterisk next to my name.

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