Thursday, March 27, 2008

Priscilla Slade - Next Candidate for Congress

You don’t have to be from Houston to appreciate, and I use the word appreciate with a great deal of sarcasm, the plea bargain deal reached by Priscilla Slade . Since entering a plea of guilty I guess it’s permissible to do away with the pleasantries of including the word “alleged” when referring to the theft of nearly half a million dollars while acting in her capacity of president of Texas Southern University.

Priscilla Slade used the money to improve her home and life style at the taxpayer’s expense; however, and you better pay attention to the difference between the language you and I use and the language that was cooked up by our justice system, Priscilla Slade only admitted to being president of TSU and by being president was responsible for the misapplication of funds.

“I accept responsibility as the President of Texas Southern University with regard to the expenditures described in the indictment as misapplications in not ensuring that Texas Southern University policies were followed. If I had the opportunity to do things differently I would do so. My thoughts and prayers are with the Texas Southern University family to whom I apologize.”

Quoting from an article which appeared in the Houston Chronicle:

“Mike DeGeurin, Slade’s attorney, said she is not admitting guilt and would not be forced to admit she committed a crime. He said she accepts responsibility for not ensuring that proper guidelines were followed.”

I’d love to have been in court as this one got finalized in front of the judge.

“Are you pleading ‘responsible’ and for being president of TSU?”

“Yes, your honor, I am responsible.”

“…and you’re pleading responsible because you are responsible and for no other reason?”

“Yes, your honor. I am responsible.”

“In that case the court finds you responsible; oh I almost forgot, being a responsible person the court requires you to return $127,672.18 of the half million that was taken, money that wasn’t yours to being with. You may go now.”

“If that don’t beat all?” I know, terrible use of the language; I’ll need to improve my style if I ever hope to be president of TSU, to spend money like I was the Queen of Sheba and then smile for the cameras as I waltz past.
There was a statement which should send shivers down your spine, a hint that we will be seeing more of Pricilla Slade; perhaps running for an elected position since she is so “beloved”, isn’t that what the reporter put in his article? I look to see Pricilla Slade as Comptroller of the City of Houston one day with being so responsible with money, maybe Mayor, Governor of the Great State of Texas, Congresswoman or Senator wouldn’t be out of the question. There is no doubt in my mind, Pricilla Slade has all the qualifications for any one of those positions because she’s already sold her sole to the devil and came away smiling. With all that preparation here’s the line that caused me to sit down and write my article:

“I thank God that it's over," Slade told reporters after the plea bargain. "I can move on with my life to bigger and better things.”

Bigger and better things?..., hide the silverware, Pricilla Slade’s coming over and she’s smiling again.

Photograph of Pricilla Slade with her attorney Mike DeGeurin originally posted in the Houston Chronicle by Julio Cortez to accompany the article written by Brian Rogers and Matthew Tresaugue.

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