Saturday, March 22, 2008

Making the Yard Look Nice for Easter

Lucy and I were outside clipping back limbs and cleaning the leaves out from around the base of the bushes where they’d acted as protection for the plants all winter. I got out the string trimmer and edged the drive, walk and curb line before mowing the yard. We then swept up the mess and put it in black plastic bags to be hauled off on Monday.

The last thing to do prior to going on our Saturday date was to wash the little green Z. I pulled it up on the freshly mowed grass and hosed it off since it really was dusty from all the yard work hanging in the air from the blower. One of my neighbors came by to harass me, something about violating a deed restriction by having my car in the yard. I told him it wasn’t really a car; it was just a better than usual yard ornament, sort of the “ultimate yard ornament” according to BMW.

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