Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I’d rather go to the Dentist

This morning I went to vote in the Texas Republican Primary for president along with several local offices. I waited until those with “real jobs”, the ones who have to battle traffic into town each day; I waited until they got done and then I went since most of my work doesn’t start until at least nine in the morning after the used car managers have a chance to check their inventory and match each car with a key.

Rush Limbaugh’s been going on about how good Republicans should go out and
vote for the Hildabeast; but I just couldn’t do it. In the eternal scheme of things I’d have to face my ancestors and it wouldn’t set well with them. For the record, I voted for Fred Thompson; okay so I flushed my voice down the toilet. Thompson was the only true conservative on the ballot and at least this way there will be a tick mark showing that I had an opinion.

I did run into a friend of mine from church, a staunch Democrat. I’d just finished up and was on the sidewalk in front of the school getting ready to leave when I spotted him walking with his daughter. I thought it odd he’d be at the Republican polling location until I realized he was dropping off his daughter. I greeted him with a friendly handshake.

“So, I finally won you over to the Republican side.” He smiled and we continued with an extended handshake as he explained how he’d already voted, several times, as a Democrat. I should have explained to him that voting twice for Obama and then twice for Hillary; naw, it would have been like teaching pigs to sing.

With all the political garbage that will fill the airways all day, hour after hour, speculations and exit polling data followed by blitzed campaign ads one after the other; I figured what better day than today to sit in the dentist’s chair; couldn’t be much more painful than listening to the radio or turning on the television. Which ever politicians get elected won’t make much difference, the dentist will have cleaned out my wallet first.

Photograph courtesy of
Flavio Massari, after searching for a stock photo in my own files all I could find was a picture of an antique dentist’s drill; no thank you, that’s how they got the other folks to vote for Hillary.

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