Saturday, March 29, 2008

I’m a thinkin’ and a wonderin’ all the way down the road…

I probably shouldn’t be writing anything right now having wasted a trip across town on a job that didn’t pan out. I got a call to make keys for a 1984 Oldsmobile ignition; “Never mind the door key, just the ignition key; don’t have enough money for a door key”. I’d quoted a price and it was agreed upon before setting out across town; except it turned out to be a 1994 Oldsmobile which required a VAT key, one of those with the little electronic pellet which also cost considerably more. You guessed it, “I don’t have enough to pay for that.”

I didn’t cuss or anything; must be maturity setting in. Words to an old Peter, Paul and Mary tune came to mind as I drove back across town, burning gasoline and time with no hope of recompense, “…You just sort of wasted my precious time; but don’t think twice, it’s alright…”

The Houston Chronicle ran a story to help the
undeserving obtain part of the Bush stimulus package; tax refunds for those who don’t pay taxes. The IRS is going to open up extra offices today to help these folks save the economy by issuing them checks out of the general tax fun to spend money they didn’t earn by taking away from folks who really did.

I had another customer call me out to make a set of keys for his car. I drove to the apartment complex, pushed the buttons at the security gate so he’d let me in and it was then I found out, talking to the speaker attached to the post, “Never mind, my girl friend had an extra set.” Did it never occur to him to pick up the telephone, the same one which he used to request my appearance,; let me know not to waste my time and efforts since my services were no longer required?

“….We never did too much talkin’ anyway, so don’t think twice, it’s alright…”

Glenn Beck wrote a column the other day,
The $53 Trillion Asteroid, a disturbing piece of information; the national debt is somewhere around $53 trillion dollars. He compared the awesome impact and fear that would accompany each and every individual in our country if an asteroid was headed our way and such measures were needed to stave off the destruction to our way of life. If the figures are correct, and they appear to be, these numbers established the fact that every household’s chunk of the national debt stands at $455,000.

I’m not making this up; I just now had a “customer” call up while writing this rant, kicking the tires so to speak, as she asked how much it would cost to replace a set of keys to her 2007 Ford Mustang. Once I told her she said, “Well, I can get it done for free on my sister’s AAA card.” Well then, go on and call AAA; quit wasting my time. Can you see the veins in my neck swelling?

My efforts to enjoy the fruits of my labors just got a major hit. How long do you think the madness can continue before it all comes crashing down around us? I just wrote off a couple of “zero profitability runs” on folks who have no problem wasting my time and efforts; I wouldn’t let the doom and gloom figures worry you too much because your households won’t be expected to bear up to such a burden; that will be added on to my portion and those who really are taxpayers.

“…but, don’t think twice, it’s alright.” I told you I shouldn’t have written an article while I was still consumed with reality. As a side note, I saw where my last post was #1040, would that make this one 1040a? Sorry, couldn't resist...

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