Friday, March 21, 2008

Fredericksburg, Virginia Outlaws Jesus Christ

No, that’s not a misprint, the town of Fredericksburg has banned anyone at their city council meetings from using the name of Jesus Christ while closing a prayer during meetings there. You’ll have to read the World Net Daily story to see that it’s okay to pray anyway you like as long as you’re not Christian.

“( Rev. Hashmel ) Turner joined the council in 2002, but since the 1950s the council called on members on a rotating basis to open in prayer. He prayed both for himself individually that he might have wisdom and guidance in carrying out his duties and likewise for the council, officials said, ending "in Jesus name."”

I could see how asking for divine guidance and wisdom would be offensive based on how many city councils operate; money changing hands in back rooms, under the table and in coat closets. Who’s going to ask the Lord to put His blessing on those kinds of shenanigans, for Pete’s sake?

“The city also adopted a penalty of "disorderly conduct" for anyone violating the ban on praying "in Jesus name."”

I understand that inquiries have been made to purchase land where a replica of Rome’s Coliseum is to be constructed, complete with holding pens for Christian Gladiators. It’s being put to a vote; the ACLU had a “thumbs up” on the deal.

Photograph taken by Bonnie while she was on Spring Break. Go take a look at some of the other neat stuff she took pictures of.

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