Friday, March 07, 2008

We Broke Mommy

This weekend Lucy and I are taking care of our grandchildren while their parents are in Colorado for the wedding of my son in law’s sister. My daughter called to see how the kids were doing, a chance for them to hear her voice and put them more at ease.

We passed around the portable phone so each could have some time with Mommy; all the while it was set to speaker phone so everyone could hear. JJ and Jocelyne were momentarily distracted by something on the television and the phone dropped to the floor, the cover for the battery pack fell off and scooted a few feet away; but the conversation continued.

I watched Jocelyne’s reaction, both hands drawn to her mouth, both arms tucked tightly to her chest as her eyes shot wide with horror for having dropped Mommy on the floor; the loose piece of Mommy was quickly retrieved and put back. Jennifer kept asking what was going on during the surgical procedure to save her life and Jocelyne was relieved to hear Mommy was okay and not broken after all. Watching a two going on three year old miniature person provides insight as to what kind of thought processes are going on inside; this event was worth the price of admission.

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