Friday, March 28, 2008

Okay, I Admit I’m Not a Computer Geek

This morning I ran into a challenge which I was unable to figure out; something which I'll get my daughter to solve when she has a spare minute or two. I was visiting Tiger Sue’s Jungle and found a neat little add on she’d acquired, a music player loaded with a handful of songs at the bottom of her blog.

I activated it by accident when I scrolled down the page. The music began playing Picard’s flute solo from a Star Trek show. I then listened to a sampling of listed tunes which included many of my favorites. I wanted to add this neat contraption to my blog; reality check time, I’m not a computer geek.

I’ve been taught how to do many wonderful things, tricks which permit my use of programs in order to function in this electronic world. What’s the old saying, “Just because you know a few tricks doesn’t mean you know the trade”; well, that happens to be true. I couldn’t tell you how many years it took me to find out that by hitting Control A, Control C and Control V, sections of a document or the entire document could be copied in an instant. I have a Word file which I bring up each time I want to use a link; it has the HTML command and all I have to do is substitute the intended link with the formatted link; it works and makes my blogs look as if I know what I’m doing.

I went to visit where I planned to download the necessary embedded codes to place within my blog. I’ve learned the English language has been altered; those who speak modern English are unaware that the older generation might wish to join in, just not sure what you said and what to do with what I thought you said. ( all this while I’ve been enjoying Tiger Sue’s play list )

I got as far as the Pin code, which I did receive on my cell phone; however, once I entered it on my computer it took me to a site which explained how my “free player” would only cost me $9.99 each month. You see, this is another example of how the English language is used differently by one generation to the next. My use of the word free doesn’t include a reoccurring bill at the end of the transaction each month.

I closed the site and decided I must have taken a wrong turn, that there really is a free player somewhere floating among the Ones and Zeroes; I’m just not geek enough to have seen the sign at the fork in the road. It would be nice to share some of my music via the blog format for those interested; maybe I should have waited for Bonnie and avoided having my blood pressure issues, grinding my teeth and that feeling of inadequacy.

I’m letting the Mozart Clarinet Concerto waft at a slightly elevated volume as my carrot of inducement; Bonnie played this piece back in high school and I can see her fingers moving across the imaginary instrument while rehearsing it in her mind. Come on girl, get down here and help this old man get on with the day’s challenges. You do the work and I’ll take credit once all the music is loaded on my blog.

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